Animator and voice actress, who loves to write stories and bring characters to life! Here is my YouTube channel!

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About StarEevee

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Hi there! My name is StarEevee and I am a Pokemon Animator on YouTube.

My Channel

I run a YouTube channel that has 250K+ subscribers and I post animated videos focused on Pokemon known as the Eeveelutions. My videos are supposed to be fun, entertaining and enjoyable to watch! My goal is to continue creating high quality content for my community and was hoping to find some talented Voice Actors + Actresses to join in and collaborate with me!

About Me

Running my channel and creating animations is very important to me, but outside of my work, I am a videogames lover at heart and a huge Nintendo fan! Art and drawing has always been dear to me, which is why is decided to share my love for Videogame and Animation through my work on YouTube!

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Thank you for reading! Whether you're part of the community already or a voice actor looking to take part in my videos, I hope you enjoy my future content and working with you here on Casting Call Club!

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I don't have a fixed rate! I'm happy to do paid and non-paid work, just give me a message! (highly depends on the project however!)

What StarEevee is looking for

I primarily use Casting Call Club to find voice actors to partake in my own projects, however I also enjoy auditioning for other projects as it not only allows me to practice my skills outside of my own videos, but also bring other people's characters and stories to life!

  • @rhnarrates

    StarEevee is a class act! Responsive, concise, and super prepared. The script was ready for me right away and needed no further clarification. Work was approved within a day. Excellent project manager!

  • @gxdane

    StarEevee is phenomenal project manager. She is highly responsive and cordial, gives fantastic critique and is very clear with her voice and acting directions. Furthermore, her diligent work ethic and kind personality is very easy to work with and I had no problems at any point working with her. She's quick with her work and her passion shows within the final product.I wholeheartedly recommend StarEevee for any project willing to have her!

  • @BlueBerrySussy485

    Dude, StarEevee has AMAZING videos! I've watched almost all of them and she's a literal pro! I also notice her flawless animation (way better than mine lol) has no errors and those characters are adorable!

  • @starespeon

    StarEevee is a wonderful YouTuber! She inspired me to create my own series and YouTube channel! Her videos are 10/10 and her voice is so beautiful, like a British shooting star! She has excellent animations and art! She is very kind and forgiving and will NEVER be mean to an impersonator! She deserves 1,000,000 subscribers by the end of the year!

  • @MaxorIDK

    I have heard of lots of good youtuber animators in my life, but none of them are at all as great as Stareevee, I’ve seen her potential in all her art, she works day by day by day just to bring joy to us. If someone says she’s “too slow” or “too girly” well i wanna see you try and take her place. Stareevee you have made so many changes over the year, each of them getting better and better, when I looked and saw you were doing auditions, I just felt like I had to do it in order to actually get to know you. You are a true artist, warrior, you name it, you are a true masterpiece to the whole art community. Thank you, for all you’ve done.

  • @Montana072

    Star_Eevee is A great Youtuber, Animator, voice actor, and more!

    I highly recommend her!

  • @RousyTheRainwing

    Star's artistic talent is truly exceptional, and her projects never fail to impress. It's undeniable that her work is worthy of the prestigious Oscar Award, and it's suitable for all ages to appreciate.

  • @DoodleBugs13

    I have known StarEevee since 2019!Man, StarEevee is a kind, awesome,loyal Youtuber who can bring her Characters to life! I love her so much! A reason Why is that, she has time for all of us! She’ll never let us down! I love her so much.