Ask me to voice act! Here's my Youtube:

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About CosmicEevee

Teen VA and animator :3 I'm getting better at voice acting after every recording I do.


depends on the project outcome

What CosmicEevee is looking for

Original projects will do. I love pokemon and warriors. My voice is strange, an alternate between a teenage girl, and a girl child, so, I'm warning you if you ask

  • @JayFlyer2009 would love to be a part of your series she is inspired by you so much and a part like this would make her so happy, She's even working on her own series because of you. 

  • @higmailcom

    Cozmic Eevee is a great youtuber. Her skill will take her too the stars!

  • @starespeon

    We are really amazing friends and we've been in the same class since FOREVER! She is kind, sweet, caring, and artistic! She has an amazing voice acting skill and can change her voice so amazingly that online our IRL friends can't recognize her!

  • @-itzfoxyplayz-

    Your so kind and your very generous! You may follow me if you up to it.

  • @RousyTheRainwing

    I have had the pleasure of working with Cosmic_Eevee who is not only humorous but also kind. She is prompt in responding to messages within an hour and is happy to rework lines. I am excited to collaborate with her on future projects!

  • @ground_eevee

    Cosmic Did MoonEevee For My Animated Series And WOW! She Followed The Lines Perfectly! Good Job Cosmic!

  • @MaebelleCasting

    CosmicEevee is a great animator and voice actor. I've seen her Mystic Eevee Quest series, and she deserves all of her subscribers - and she deserves more! Great work CosmicEevee!

  • @eeveeknight101

    her voice is wow just amazing she’s super fun to work with she voices one of my characters and she’s doing a great job keep her in mind for any other roles 

  • @starfire-amber

    CosmicEevee is kind and welcoming when it comes to requesting for her to be in a series. I asked her to be in my Cat Kids show, and she agreed to animate! I would reccomend CosmicEevee forever!

  • @-itzfoxyplayz-

    Cosmic did “Count WazzleDeather” for "Ask or dare the Eeveelution Quest characters”, and WOW! She followed the lines perfectly! Excellent Cosmix!

  • @deleted867561

    When I get A YT channel I’m subbing to cosmic