Kash La'Ru Velasquez

Kash La'Ru Velasquez

Voice actor/ actor

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About Kash La'Ru Velasquez

My name is Kash Velasquez

I am a voice actor and actor.

I'm interested in voice acting in original and fanmade projects.

This has been my passion for a long time, so I hope you'll like my VA work.

I'm interested in paid and unpaid jobs, I will not accept NSFW work due to my age.

I'm known as

Bonnie in fractured franchise

Alastor in Razzle Dazzle plus more

Angel Dust in Hazbin Hotel Fandub

multiple other hazbin hotel and helluva boss characters.

Arthur Dean in The Good For Nothings

Freckle in Lackadaisy Fandubs

Moxxie and 067 in The Hazbin Tapes

Kyle in South Park Fan Animations

Mikey in the rise season 3 project

Love Being paired up with Ian in projects. Heโ€™s gang fr :))

You can find my socials and discord on my card

Kash Velasquez Work Card

I hope that my work inspires and is what you're looking for, have a nice day or night!1


Voice Acting price

$2-$4 per line
$.55 a word
improv $1.00 a word

What Kash La'Ru Velasquez is looking for

I'm looking to do voice acting work. Voice acting work for anything. Animated series, redubbing, comic dubbing, extras. I'm available to anything but sexual content.

  • @suneeve

    When I Heard This Persons Voice For Alastor, It Sounded Just Like Him!

    Please Follow Him.

  • @doomedmeat

    he is wonderful at voice acting and genuinely has a great range voice-wise. also a pretty funky fresh friend ^^

  • @goodbluebloxz_studios_acting

    You can always rely on Kash! One of the most fun voice actors I've worked with! Highly recommend!ย 

  • @412_notaria

    Really funny, kind, cool, and most talented person I've ever met and is great at doing voices ๐Ÿ’—!

  • Its all 4! Kash is one of the best workers that I know, he sends in his lines with the best quality! Unless something bad happened he's 100% going to send in his lines. As a friend he's one of the people I look up to and I'm glad to be on his team and as his friend! Hes so fun to play with and he's so fun to have on your team he never disappoints! he's a hard worker to be where he is right now and he deserves it. if you need a hard worker and someone who doesn't give up on a project I HIGHLY suggest him for your team!