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About Gigaskip

A warm "Hi there" to everyone out there.
Started voice acting on CCC to start getting experience.

I really like voicing Bad Guys, but i voice whatever is asked of me, 
I am 24 Years old and have no particular problem with NSFW stuff.
I hope to be working with you soon. 

Discord: Gigaskip#0961

  • @deleted531621

    Gigaskip is a passionate amazing voice actor! I worked with him to make a series and just from recording the trailer, he is an amazing person to work with! He's fun, caring but is very professional at the same time. He always takes on and welcomes feedback which is amazing and helps him improve as a voice actor. He plays the characters in a way as if he IS the character, I get goosebumps relistening! 100% cast him if you ever need an amazing male voice actor! :D

  • @stevendaniel

    I had the pleasure of working with Gigaskip for a segment in the “Out of Place” podcast. Gigaskip is a superior voice over artist and has a natural talent with getting into character. Gigaskip was prepared, met deadlines, and took direction very well. I an so very proud to have played a part in Gigaskip’s voice over career and looking forwarding to working with a wonderful voice over artist again.

  • @bruhh13

    i had the awesome chance to work with Gigaskip in two projects and just from small sneak peaks and of him sending recordings of singing and voice acting, i can see that he has loads of potential. not only can he voice act incredibly well but he can also sing as well! even though he may have some weird taste in music (T^T) his voice can literally send chills and goosebumps through. i can't wait to see the projects we are in to come out and to see his journey in voice acting continue.

    bruhh :D

  • @deleted546475

    Gigaskip is an talented male voice actor! He knows how to emerge himself into the character he wants to play and does a fairly good job! It’s fairly obvious the amount of potential and can’t wait to see his progress in the future.

  • @noher

    Recently worked with Gigaskip on two projects. He meets deadlines, is a cool and helpful dude and although he delivers only one version of a line (most of the time) in one file, he takes feedback well and can make retakes fast. If you're looking for someone with a great voice and a bunch of talent then you've found your man! Go give him a shout!