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Galactic North Productions

"Unleashing infinite imagination, one audio adventure at a time."

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About Galactic North Productions

Galactic North Productions is an innovative audio series production company that specializes in bringing the immersive worlds of science fiction and fantasy to life. Our distinguishing feature is our emphasis on ‘audio experiences’, or richly layered audio dramas, that transcend traditional storytelling. Each of our productions is meticulously crafted with an original soundtrack, ambient noise, and a full cast of voice actors, creating a vivid, multidimensional sonic universe. Our listeners don't just consume a story; they're placed right in the middle of the action.

Our mission: to ignite imagination and unleash infinite possibilities through our

innovative talents, constantly striving to enhance our craft and push creative boundaries.

Discord: h.c.ogden


Instagram: @galacticnorthproductions

  • @geeyerselashak

    Would highly recommend working with HC Ogden.
    Unfortunatley due to being on the other side of the world with stupid time zones, I haven't been able to join in with table reads, but he has been very understanding of this and has accommodated to my lifestyle. He even pushes you to try out different things that you may not think of doing, which is a fantastic thing.
    All round amazing guy to work with!
    10/10 good bloke