Voice Actress - 27yr old half Korean half Chinese native English speaker born and raised in Sydney, Australia.

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About Ella

Voice acting is my passion and one of the hobbies I enjoy among digital and fine arts, piano, dance, singing, and creative writing.

I was employed as an English/Japanese high school teacher in Sydney (2020-2022) and was voice acting on the side. Currently, I am living in Amsterdam and am dedicating more time to freelance work. I have experience voice acting in audio dramas, podcasts, comic dubs, animations, and video games.

I can have lines recorded, edited, and delivered in 3-7 business days, unless communicated otherwise and depending on the length of the script. I am always willing to take on feedback and send retakes upon request. Live direction is also welcome, and I have experience with this, as well.

Discord: ellaej

Email: Available upon request

Equipment: Blue Yeti 3-Capsule with Pop Filter

Recording Space: Acoustic Panels

Audio Recording and Editing Program: Audacity


I do not have set rates since voice acting is a passion of mine. I am happy to help and invest in projects that interest me whether they are paid or unpaid (: 

What Ella is looking for

Voice acting for any genre and type. I prefer video games, animations, audio dramas, podcasts, or audio books of science fiction, dystopia, or fantasy genre, but am open to anything for experience, enjoyment, and self-development. 

  • @FanScapePod

    Ella has done amazing work for me and my podcast and I hope to be able to cast her again! She is very easy to communicate with and was quick to get the job done way before my deadline without any sacrifice in quality!  

    I cant recommend her enough!

  • @zy_rex

    Extremely easy to work with, sent me additional lines I asked for in 24H along with a re-record of the audition on top.

  • @voicesofwynn

    Ella is a great voice actor who voiced two citizens for one of our quests! Great voice and responded really fast!

  • @gagepoulos_1273

    Ella is a talented voice actress who takes care in providing excellent voice lines, she takes critisim incredibly well and if you need corrections from her you can expect them in a timely manner! I'm glad to be working with you and I think you will too! :)

  • @Jane_Donna

    Ella is a brilliant voice actress. Her voice is highly impressive and I truly appreciate her excellence that she has done.

  • @toglthatoneguy

    Easy to work with and gave a great voice performance!

  • @meowthrocket

    She's very skilled and prompt and she has a VERY lovely voice.

  • @melonlordjosh

    Ella was absolutely brilliant to work with.
    She was fast on delivery, knew exactly what I meant when I asked for a change in tone, and has remained enthusiastic about the project.
    I will absolutely be requesting her performance again, and very much looking forward to working with her in the future!

  • @pureus

    Ella made outstanding contributions to our project and while the roles she played were not huge, they were played masterfully.

    Her friendly spirit combined with her respect and attention to detail as well as articulation of each character was incredibly uplifting. Those sorts of traits are invaluable to any project.

    My hope is that Ella may find good projects in her future that will embrace her talent and treat her right. She deserves that and more :)

  • @habiticians

    Ella is incredible to work with and super speedy on turning in lines! Did not have to worry about wether she was going to turn in by due date or not !! Her work is incredible and her skills are unmatched !! :) <3

  • @thatlovepodcast

    Ella Is a superb voice actor to work with. She's patient, easy-going and highly talented. Her delivery is always flawless. Her articulation is fantastic as well. She's  truly a blessing. Folks, you need to work with her. you won't regret it. Thank you for all you do, Ella.

  • @Intro-Mind

    Ella is a joy to work with and has a great range of expressing down-to-earth, calm, and comedic styles to her characters. She's very talented, professional, and always sends in her lines on time. She's also extremely kind and considerate, which is always a plus!

  • @syp

    Ella has been excellent to work with on my show, nails the lines every time with great deliveries, as well as always meeting deadlines. Would definitely recommend working with her!

  • @toglthatoneguy

    Fantastic voice and great to work with!

  • @keyonag

    Ella was amazing to work with! Her delivery was fantastic, and she was always prompt in meeting deadlines. I highly recommend working with her, and hope to do so again in the future!

  • @betalille

    Ella was perfect in the role she was given on my project. I would definitely work again with her on another project.

  • @djwoodva0311

    Ella is amazing to work with, definitely a good choice for work!

  • @Zobisbk

    Ella was a pleasure to work with. She did a fantastic job in her role. She is talented and professional VA. I would work with her again. 

  • @cfab

    Ella was an absolute pleasure to work with! She did a fantastic job in her role and gave a lot of variation of emotions for each line which made it easy for us to play around with during the editing process.

  • @prodiyeet

    Ella is a really nice and hard working voice actress! She never fails to impress with her vocal tones and is really fun to work with. Very proactive with her work and will get recordings done efficiently. Would definitely recommend for future projects!