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About Dereck Luckadoo

Hello there!! My name is Dereck Luckadoo, I am 24 years old. I am a voice actor, stage actor and screen actor, unfortunately I don't do any of these for a living but I would love for that to be my career! I have been a stage actor for as long as I can remember, I have been voice acting and screen acting since 2017 and I also play bass guitar at my church. I have voiced 19 characters in one animation which was made possible by Daniel Davidson Productions. As previously mentioned I would love to have a career in screen/film acting and voice acting.

MY POLICY: I have one policy with everyone I have voice acted for, if you take me on for your project all I ask is that my lines be profanity free. I believe you can have quality entertainment without cursing, etc.

  • @daniel_davidson

    Dereck and I have been close friends for over two years since meeting him at college. He is a very talented actor who takes his roles seriously. He has voice acted in seven animations of mine and I would most definitely continue to cast him. The included link is to the most recent production. To view the rest please visit my channel.

  • @thelongbomb

    Luckadoo is extremely talented, showcased by his impressions YouTube videos where he nails his impressions, they are spot on. I honestly feel shame only casting him with one role. He is easy to get a hold of in a pinch and makes true best of his opportunities.

  • @gcs1992

    I casted Dereck for the role of the ghostly "Jacob Marley", "Ghost of Christmas Present", and "Young Scrooge" (aka Ebenezer Scrooge as a young man), for the project "A Christmas Carol Reborn". I must say to start off with, he has an extremely talented and diversed voice. He is great to play multiple characters in any project and should be considered a great asset in a project. He was also ontime and meet deadlines well ahead of time. He is also extremely active in his roles and maintained excellent two-way communication during the production stages of the project. I highly recommend this voice actor to any director out there as he will leave a good impression on any project.

  • @mrenderkid-productions

    Hes great at voice inpressions, if you need someone to voice doc ock in spiderman, hes perfect