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My name is David Alexander Ortiz. 

I am a seasoned Latino Sound Designer and Writer.

I have worked on, and created several works including award nominated Audio Dramas including,  "Entropy", "The Hunt for the Flying Dutchman",  "Shadows of a Dark Past" and "Chains of Honor". 

I have been sound designing, mixing and video/sound editing for over 8 years. 

I am proficient in Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, Lightroom, Hitfilm Pro for film. As for Sound, I use Protools, Reaper and Audacity, depending on the scope of the project and what it entails in terms of sound design. 

I have worked on many Audio Dramas, Short Films, Comic Dubs, Documentaries and Scripts. I have created many stories and have helped develop others' stories. 

I am also a new and incoming Voice Actor, looking to better my skills and pursue the industry!

You can message me here if you have any inquiries!

  • @cajo_c

    I was cast as an Extra (And that Extra has escalated to a semi-main character!) in his Star Wars Legends Audio Drama series, of which I have been wholeheartedly honored to participate in! But not only that, he's the most resilient and focused Director/producer I've ever worked with, and a great person too. Been one of the best times of my life without a doubt, and even once this is all done, I'd do it all again in a heartbeat!

  • @poppletron

    A passionate and determined director who knows how to get a good final product and cares about all of his cast and crew. I enjoyed the Voice work I've done so far and can't wait for what's to come.

  • @dkvoicesvary

    I was so honored to be a voice actor for David in Erai’s Destiny as Sarah. He demonstrated authoritative yet amiable leadership and created a perfect cast. Moreover, the script was enticing and the audio came out perfect! I look forward to working with David on subsequent episodes and he is a talent to watch.