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You won't see much of me on this site but if you wanna contact me, follow me on twitter @blitz_crystal

  • @r0swell

    Crystal does an awesome job of organization and we do regular comic dubs together! A great experience to work under him, so I definitely recommend him to others hoping for a fun time!

  • @okiepinoky

    Crystal Blitz is a seriously dedicated producer, director and editor in making YouTube videos. I really enjoy their work and was happy to be involved in the LoL project. I recommend prospective talent join Crystal's discord server if they have hopes of becoming involved. Crystal does an excellent job of creating a sense of community for those who enjoy fan content. There, you will see the efforts of Crystal through VC hangouts, regularly posted videos, multiple voiceover opportunities and buzzing chat channels. Check out the work we did together linked below! <3
    - Okie

  • @shadowking547

    In terms of Crystal Blitz editing prowess, I have to say I have seen only a rare few with his skills. While yes he does have some things that can be refined a bit better he is still an extremely great editor when it comes to most things, especially comics. As well he is an incredibly talented director, able to get the best out of his voice actors and is as anime loves to always say "Bring them to their 100%" I would highly recommend if you need editing done, or if you need a great director to message Crystal, trust me you will not regret it. - Shadow Atores

  • @deleted453236

    Crystal Blitz cares so much about his work and the voiceover artists he works with! The quality of the videos he puts out are top-notch and he's a truly gifted producer and director. I absolutely recommend any project he is working on and I'm grateful to have worked with someone like him!

  • @ItsMeTera

    Crystal was super friendly, really prompt with responses and easy to work with, definitely the kind of director you wanna partner up with. Can absolutely recommend!

  • @AceHeartGM

    Crystal was always quick to respond back and explained everything in wonderful detail to aid us voice actors in everything we needed to do. They were very humble and nice to work under. Would recommend him 1000%!