Just wanting to expand my creativity to one and all!

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About AceHeart

  • I wish to expand my reach when it comes to voice acting in many areas such as fandubs, web comics, anime/shows, video games and so on!

  • Singing, art and voice acting are my passions and I will put my full heart in any work that I do.

  • Age: 21 <- So I can do any 18+ work if need be

  • If you wish to contact me discord is the best way @AceHeartGM but if you message me on here first I will be able to know who is adding me so I don't accidently decline your request.

What AceHeart is looking for

- I have worked as the voice for CDI Zelda in the OOT PC Port (ship of harkinian) promo videos 
- I wish to work on more stuff in fandoms, anime and video games.