Need some voiceover? Hit me up here or on Discord! : itsmetera - Unavailable until May!

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About ItsMeTera

Voice Actor, based out of Canada.

Range: Medium-High/Low Pitch

Accents: British, American

What ItsMeTera is looking for

Narration, animation and video game voiceovers.

  • @crystal-tidal-waves

    Tera was professional and easy to work with, they managed to get their lines done beautifully despite the very limited time I gave them. Tera is definitely someone that you would want on your cast!

  • @flayfuminsho

    Knowing thatTera is still fairly new to the VA scene... let's just say, it still surpises me! The quality they put forth in everything is impressive. Very much would recomend with a great range. Looking forward to working with them more! 

  • @OscarProjectVoice

    Tera has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Everything about their work is of the highest quality - emotion, characterisation, audio quality and communication - all brilliant. In addition, the turnaround time on lines is incredible. I would be very glad if I were able to work with Tera again in the future. If you're looking for a passionate and professional voice actor - this is who you want!

  • @OscarProjectVoice

    This was my second project working with Tera, and he was every bit as wonderful as the first time! I try to say this in the least creepy way possible - there's just something so special about his voice, it's hard to describe! He can basically do anything you need, so if you ever want a VA with range, versatility and great communication, definitely look his way!