Aspiring Voice actress, artist, writer and God fearing gal.

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About ChrissyPixy

Heya! My name's Chrissy (Or Pixy). I'm a small youtuber who makes Minecraft roleplays/machinimas!

When I found out I could use Minecraft to make my stories come to life, I couldn't stop!

I love to sing, though I do not have much experience with being cast for such.

I do NOT cuss. I am not interested in roles that entail lewd or explicit sexual themes.

If you are interested in my voice and want to ask me questions, Don't be afraid to DM me and we can talk more!

Take care! Have a blessed day!


I usually work for free, But I would love to make some money from VA work in the future!

What ChrissyPixy is looking for

I'm looking for good stories to voice in that are not only entertaining, but also impactful and meaningful in some way.

  • @oveqva

    Chrissy did a phenomenal job on the role I casted her for. She was always quick to turn in lines and I never had to ask for any redos of any lines. She's a natural. If you're looking for a great voice actor for your project, I can't reccomend Chrissy enough.

  • @iricrescent

    As a creator, director, and main lead of the series I voice and script edit for, Chrissy is very fun to work with. She stays true to the main focuses and core of her writing, while being flexible and open to ideas. A “go with the flow” kind of person to hang around with but also dedicated and effective in her work. The projects will take time, since she does the majority of the writing and video making herself, but it’s well worth the wait because it’s clear she is passionate in content creating and genuinely enjoys her work. If you’re looking for a professional and fun loving atmosphere, her projects are the place to be!