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About chakattack

I've always loved acting and performing on stage. However, I came across the whole process of voice acting through a linguistics class in college and did my final paper on English dubbing for Japanese anime. I was so hooked on the whole process of dubbing versus original recording, translation, everything it takes to make these projects come to life! I won't lie, it gets frustrating at times not being where I want to be with my peers and my heroes, but my dream to becoming a professional voice actor is not stopping me anytime soon! 

I also like to sing and do a lot of cover songs! I'm not a composer or a songwriter, but I'm always that guy that will jump for karaoke night! Check out my Youtube channel if you're curious, I do song covers, fandubs/other voice work and edit videos when I have time

What chakattack is looking for

Currently looking to be in more animated related work, but I am open to most things!

  • @dcooper

    I'm forever grateful for having Chakree as chef Amadeo. I'm be honest he is the first voice actor that I work with. that can do an Italian accent. I'm very impress. Chakree I consider you a brother/family. If you need a voice actor that can do Italian accents or not. Hit up this man right here. He's a Legend

  • @benotafraid

    Chak is both a sweet person, a great actor and a team player. But above all, he is an absolute vocal chameleon! We initially didn't notice his auditions came from the same user. And after casting him, he truly proved himself. Strong ability to make his characters sound natural. No overacting or underacting, but right in that sweet spot. He'll twist his beautiful voice into anything, and honestly, what more could we ask for in someone portraying Satan?

  • @jenkib726

    Chakree is a proficient, talented actor who plays into his roles excellently. You'll be hard pressed to find a talent as reliable as him on this website. It was great working with him, and I would love to do so again in the future.