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About MunkySpunk

I'm seeking some voice acting talent for my mod series: Diamond City Story and The Fens Sheriff's Department from Fallout 4.

I am also available to do some voice acting myself in order to do my part to keep up the community. I've got a deep voice with a slight Manhattan accent. I can do a range of American regional accents including Yuper, Redneck, Goofy Redneck, Southern Gentleman, and a couple of "street" accents.

This is a sample of my work:

  • @nightskrel

    Working with Mr. MunkySpunk was really great! He was prompt to respond to all queries. Communication was no issue at all. He is very flexible as well and was more than willing to explain things to me which I didn't know as a brand new VA.

    The project was super fun and the character he wrote that I was lucky to play was vibrant and full of moxie! Her lines practically said themselves. The mod looks fantastic and I can't wait to see it in all it's glory. I would definitely do another project with Mr. MunkySpunk.