Bree Frankel

Bree Frankel

An Aussie with the accent work that will leave you in awe~

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About Bree Frankel

Hey there! I'm an Australian non-binary voice actor and have given my voice to animation, video games and audio dramas, with a low-high vocal range and acting ability to bring a wide variety of characters to life.

I can do Australian, Standard American, Southern American and British RP accents, and can voice feminine voices of all ages, as well as male children and androgynous voices. I can also efficiently deliver quality performances for narration, eLearning resources and commercials. From mean girls to clumsy assistants to villains, I'm certain I can fill any role you have for me!

I look forward to working with you!


For paid projects, I typically charge $3USD per line (up to 25 words) or $0.10 per word.

  • @StitchLove07

    Bree Frankel is a responsible person who does get her part done and is an amazing voice actor. I found it very easy to manage her on a project I had been working on. I definitely would recommend her for future projects she would try to audition for.

  • @lordsavy

    Bree voiced "Rhiannon" in my podcast "The Witch's Gloves." She was a true pleasure to work with, fantastic performances that brought a human element to the story and fun to chat between takes. Definitely recommend!

  • @Mira-Hearts

    Okay, first off, Bree, you're amazing at voice acting and I hope you can make it big time with it. If you want a good villain or a side character with a sly hand, cast her. She's the voice of Suma Saka and the Shady Shopkeeper in Fell Dragon and embodies the two characters, making both two different characters, personalities and voices alike. Go ahead and cast her for your next project. You won't regret it.