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Voice Actor / Writer / Producer

  • @kittkat26

    LordSavy is a great professional director and is very passionate about his projects. I had the pleasure of working on his Chrono Trigger scene dub and he was very easy to work with, complimentary of my work and helped me see his vision for the project and character. Due to his detailed direction, I was able to add the needed flair to the character he had described. I had a great time on this project and would love to work with him again if the opportunity ever presented itself.

  • @kendogurl

    I was first contacted by Jim back in 2020 for a short version of the audio drama he directed, he contacted me 2 years later to let me know about the role in a full version.  Jim is a great director and fun guy to chat with.  He gives great direction and has a vision, he takes the project seriously but he doesn't put you on a leash and is open to suggestion to make the story and characters better.

    He's fun to talk with and knows how to take a joke, he's very kind and is just an over all great person.  I would suggest him for anything as he's a great impressionist and director/writer/editor and if you ever need help know he won't half ass it.  

    Whether you work for him or with him know he'll take both the project and you seriously.

    It was a pleasure to work with him and I hope to do so again in the future if he lets me!

  • @marsuniverse

    Worked with Jim on his project, The Witch’s Gloves. On top of his professionalism, he is clearly very dedicated to his craft and always did his best to make sure everyone was having a good time. I recommend Jim wholeheartedly, and I hope we get to work together again soon!

  • @webdell

    I had the pleasure to work with Jim on his audio play "The Witch's Gloves". I personally value someone who is well organized, communicates clearly, and has passion behind what they do. Jim Savy checked all those boxes for me! Jim is very professional and was wonderful to work with. I look forward to seeing what has in store in the future!

  • @bree-frankel

    Jim cast me for a role in his audiodrama 'The Witch's Gloves'. From start to finish, he was professional, understanding and so easy and fun to work with. Jim's passion for his work shone through in every interaction we had, and it made working on this project one of the most enjoyable voice acting experiences I've had so far. Whether it be directing, voice acting or editing, Jim is a powerhouse asset to your team; I think the incredible final product of 'The Witch's Gloves' is a testament to that!

  • @latenightoj

    I had the pleasure of working with Jim on his project The Witch's Gloves. Jim was supportive throughout the entire project and always checked in to make sure recording was going well. He is incredibly passionate about his projects and a great producer to work with.