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About basurtoj15

Hey! My name is Jennifer but people call me Bas or Bassy. Im 27 years old and I’m an amateur writer and experienced voice actor. I love to create characters and bring them to life so that others might enjoy them too. My dream is to make others smile with my work. If you have any questions for me just DM me! And my discord is basurtoj15#1088! Also subscribe to my youtube channel for more lovely content!

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I've decided that if it's a paid project then these will be my prices:

$5 per line

$25 if its hourly

and if it requires singing then $30. But these are totally negotiable! These are not set in stone prices. But I'm always willing to help out other creators as much as I can!

What basurtoj15 is looking for

I do many voices but mostly female. I can go as high as soprano and as low as Alto 2. I’ll try out for anything that has potential in it. I joined to gain experience and maybe get paid! 

  • @gumdrop-wolf

    I have known Bassy for over a year, and she is amazing at what she does. Her voices are amazing and she puts her into everything that she does. She would be perfect for any role that she auditions for.

  • @ParisIsACity

    Jen is amazing at what she does! Incredible voice and an even better work ethic! If you guys don't pick her for those tough, no-nonsense characters, you're making a huuuge mistake! She's the one for the job!

  • @tyree_jacobs

    I highly recommend Bas. She is an excellent voice actress and just as stellar of a teammate. Bas is able to make outstanding performances of the characters she portrays and is able to convey powerful emotions. She is also great to work with as she is able to work well with others and is great team player. She is excellent at what she does and has my full recommendation

  • @supersnivy107

    I've seen a quite a few projects and VA's through my time here. Whether I was in our out of production, I have gained a lot of ideals and views for finding and being with voice actors, directors, the works. I think I can confidently say that Bas is what I'd call an ideal VA. 

    She's got good quality, good voices, flexible ranges, and more I probably didn't get to see in our short time. But in that short time, she possesses one of the most key VA traits in my opinion. the ability to enjoy herself and have fun with her peers. 

    She has amazing things going for her, and I think she's good pick for someone looking for a long-term VA to rely on. I never regretted casting them and I 100% recommend casting this one! 

  • @reddec85

    Has been super awesome to work with on multiple projects! Highly recommended!

  • @hubworld23

    She Did An Amazing Job As Goat Mom! She Sounded Like She Came From The Actual Game Itself It's Really That Good! I totally Recommend Her If Your Looking for a Really Awsome VA!😊🥧

  • @rezbir-creepypasta-123

    she is an amazing actor and i would absolutly like everyone to go and support her, and to 100% involve her in future projects!

  • @cloud_do

    It was great to work with her, she's a great voice actor!

  • @wisteriashadow

    Basurtoj15 did a great job with their role and was very easy to work with!

  • @jt424

    Jennifer/bas voiced a department store customer on my audio drama "Runaway Samurai." Even though it was a tiny minor character that had about 3-4 lines, she took it very seriously.

     She matched the description of the character perfectly, and she submitted her lines quickly and efficiently. 

    She is a complete professional and I hope she gets more voice over roles soon! 

  • @jt424

    Jennifer/Bas voiced a department store customer on my audio drama, "Runaway Samurai." 

    Even though it was a tiny minor character that had about 3-4 lines, she still took it seriously. She fit the character's description perfectly, and submitted her lines quickly and efficiently.

     She is a total professional and she deserves as many voice over roles as she gets!