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About Atlas_t

Do not contact me for 18+ projects.

If you would like to add me on Discord, please message me here first.


Ello, I'm Atlas. I have been singing "seriously" since 2016 and have been receiving vocal lessons since 2021. Voice acting, Minecraft skin making, and writing have been going on (though not consistently) since 2020.

I am able to sing in Japanese, English, Latin, and German. My vocal range is from C#3-C6.

I am only fluent in English, but I am currently studying German.

Want to see stuff I've been a part of? Check out my portfolio or my channel

  • @mikeonfire

    I can all to much confirm that Atlas_t is a amazing person. Both to work with with voice acting and singing along with in general. She's helped me with tons of stuff and I can't thank her enough.

  • @VPJ

    Atlas is very fun to work with and communicates well, keeps well in contact during the time of being managed on a project making sure she can accomplish her task well at hand, she voices really well and submits on time, I do enjoy working with her and I would love to work with her again for more upcoming projects ^^

  • @dolewhip

    They sang a lovely Japanese theme song for my series! Absolutely stunning voice. Not only that but during the times I had mistakes she was very understanding! Absolutely recommended this lovely person.

  • @ElleVa2

    how do I even start with this IMPRESSIVE individual?! I've been working alongside Atlas on several different projects and she is LITERALLY AMAZING! she has been a HUGEEE source of inspiration to me ever since I met her! everything about her is TOP tier; from her range to her magnificent personality. she is extremely glorious and humble at the same time, she is wonderful to all of the servers and whenever she is around she fills the server with joy and positivity! she sounds like a siren (in a good way!) and I can't even IMAGINE the server without her! she is EXTREMELY respectful to each and every director and extremely obeying of the rules! I've worked with a lot of talented people but I dare say Atlas is one of THE MOST talented people. don't even get me started on her personality- she is just ASTONISHING! I look forward to being on more projects with them and I couldn't recommend them more to EVERY SINGLE director out there!! DO. YOURSELF. A. FAVOUR!!!!!!!!! 💖💖💖💖

  • @alex-cameron

    I worked with Atlas on a closing theme for a show I'm working on and she absolutely nailed it and went above and beyond to make sure it was the best it could be. Highly recommended for her work ethic and high technical skill!

  • @dcooper

    I'm forever grateful for working with Atlas. If u need a voice actor hire her. simply one of the best
    Horimiya episode 3 that's why it's Okay Fan dub.mp4 - Google Drive

  • @scribbleslinky

    I've known of Atlas for a couple of years, but I've only gotten to get to know and work with her more this past year. She is an incredible voice actor and singer! She get's her work done and does so with quality. I've never met someone who lights up a room/discord server like her, she carries such a positive aura and it's contagious haha. Atlas takes feedback amazingly well and has the mindset of a learner. I'm also impressed with how many connections she has with other people of different trades. Her visual arts and writing also have a mysterious elegance. I admire her as a creative and human being. I promise you Atlas is someone you can count on for your project!

  • @MusicLife365

    Atlas and I have worked on quite a few projects together and have become good friends in the process. Atlas is very professional, with very clean and proper mic quality, early to turn in her lines, and is always open and flexible with her work. Her range is great for her voice, she's very sweet and conversational, and an all around perfect edition to any project. I couldn't speak volumes how strongly I recommend her for your projects. 

  • @keepupmomo

    Atlas and I did a cover of an Attack on Tian song 'So ist es Immer', they provided terrific vocals! Their very organized and concise and are a Gem to work with!!

    10/10 would recommend!