The Guy from The Art of Mashing

The Guy from The Art of Mashing

Voice Work: Deep, Grumbly, Walmart brand Joshua Tomar. How do you sell yourself?

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About The Guy from The Art of Mashing

Feel free to message me directly on Discord if you have a role you think I'm right for!
Discord: TheArtOfMashing#3781

Voice dork with a decent sense of drama and timing.

New York accent if you need it, can change it if you don't. 

Previous work:

Private Pie - Popcorn Rocket

Additional Voices - A Scuffed Guide to Hollow Knight by Sten


30 cents per word, but I am totally willing to work for free as well. :)

What The Guy from The Art of Mashing is looking for

Video games, animations, narrations. Anything NOT NSFW. Sex is scary. :(

  • @blitzenkrieg

    The contributions of The Guy from The Art of Mashing have consistently demonstrated reliability across various projects. While I assumed the role of project manager, I consciously granted him and the other team members substantial autonomy. Consequently, he achieved remarkable outcomes that surpass what would have been attainable under a more stringent micromanagement approach.

  • @minnexas

    Let me tell you about the The Art of Mashing! When it came to my project, they didn't just deliver a stellar performance... They roped me in (no pun intended) with their talent and kept me hooked from audition to the end of the project. Let's not forget their work ethic as well, The Art of Mashing approached this project with enthusiasm and determination. It was a pleasure collaborating with them. If you're on the hunt for a voice actor who can perform in every way you want, look no further. I highly recommend!

  • @dcooper

    Hydouken!!!! It was an honor to work with Art as the heroic ryu from street fighter. he sounds like a voice match to Kyle Herbert's Ryu as well. I thank you for being a part of my Mugen video game.

    Ultimate x Crossover by dcooper32 (