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Amanda McKnight

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About Amanda McKnight

Hello! My name is Amanda (she/her), I’m a voice actress, singer, and writer.

My social media links, resume, and contact information can all be found on my website:

If you’d like to message me via Discord or e-mail about a voice acting/singing role, please send me details about the project/role/request in your initial message so I know to get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you so much!

California State University Fullerton - 2017

Master of Arts in History

Instructed by

California State University Fullerton - 2015

Bachelor of Arts in History

Instructed by
California State University Fullerton - 2015

Bachelor of Arts in American Studies

Instructed by
What Amanda McKnight is looking for

Currently only taking on paid work at this time. Thank you!

  • @deleted564684

    Amazing VA! I am honored to be working with someone so great! Did everything I asked and was so sweet! I recommend 100x!

  • @MrQuax

    So far, Amanda has only sent in lines for the first episode or one of my projects, but she has a beautiful voice and so far I enjoy working with her.  

  • @xRevvy

    I'm currently working with Amanda on a project as of writing this, so I was absolutely ecstatic when she applied to my project! Managing was very easy, she was active and got her lines in quickly, and is overall a fun person to work with!

  • @felix-baker

    Amanda did a great job performing as the Mother in "MALAIKA"! She understood the assignment and character quickly and delivered her lines in a high quality and on time. Would recommend working with her.

  • @kof_digital

    Cast right from audition! Great work! Talented actor! Highly recommend! 

  • @melancholy-marionette

    Super talented and versatile! Just an absolute delight to work with in general :3 Audio quality was great and the delivered audio was really easy to work with. We were on a team together for a game jam with a strict deadline and all lines were delivered swiftly and on time with no problems whatsoever. It was an honour to get to work together! Thank you so much for everything <3

  • @JakeWAF

    I have had the honor to work with Amanda, and let me tell you, she completely knocks it out of the park every time! Amanda would be an incredible addition to any project she's chosen for!