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Video game, cartoon, anime or manga dubs. Eventually I would love to become a professional voice actor, and the reason I joined casting call club is so I can meet other VA's and learn how to better myself as one.

  • @smashmaster

    For someone that started voice acting a few months ago this year 2022 and working together on projects, Jaddo gave a phenomenal performance as main antagonist Vicent in my Rayman Generations English Fandub. And saved the day by voicing a character for my FFSX Villains’ Visions audiodrama. Jaddo has range and emotions in his performance. Hire this man.

  • @dcooper

    Working with Jaddo has been A blast. He's a very talented VA. You'll be disappointed in not having his skills for your project. He really brings it to the table. Especially if u need a teenage male voice for your projects.
    Horimiya episode 3 that's why it's Okay Fan dub.mp4 - Google Drive

  • @ishVA

    Having worked with Jaddo on multiple projects, I can safely say they are one of the most passionate and friendly people I have worked with. No matter what role you need filling, Jaddo will bring 110%, both in terms of ability and spirit. Highly recommend! (Also incredibly good at screaming)

  • @dcooper

    These is not the first time I have work with Jaddo. I already know the talent that he possesses. I was happy that he auditioned for my mugen project as the voice of goku. because I knew that he could bring that hero vibe to him.