Reni VA

Reni VA

Hey! I am Reni VA I am a Voice Actor, Actor, Singer, Songwriter, Editor and Director as well as the creator of my own projects such as an Danganronpa Abridged Series and one audio drama series named Bloodbath Fever! 

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About Reni VA

I have acted in real-life production like Puffs and Mamma Mia, Nightmare before Christmas The musical, Crazy Town, The Play That goes Wrong and many more! I have performed as a singer at many concert and even was a choir student. Also was in a Acapella group for 4 years, 5 variety shows and 2 beauty pageant.

I am trained in theater performance, Acting in Camera, Voice over work, Directing and Vocal Performance for singing.

I wrote songs called: 

Miraculous Remix (Arty's Youtube Channel)

Will it last forever (Arty's YouTube channel) 

The Bath of Blood! (BloodBath Fever Channel)

Characters I have been casted as! 

Sayaka Maizono On Danganronpa Abridged (Fandub) 

Kyoka Jiro on My hero 4th July (Audio Drama/Fandub)

Ruianna on I Fake Loved With a Sorceress And She Gave Me Boobies

(Audio drama) 

Evie on Fortshorts and Fortventures (Youtube Show)

Red on Administration(Audio drama)

Yashina Yakuza on Bloodbath Fever (Audio drama)

Projects I have Directed:

Danganronpa Abridged (Fandub)

BloodBath Fever (Audio drama)

I also love Anime, Manga, Video Games and K-drama,sing, playing piano, Dance and produce music or writing music!

if you want to see some of my work here my resume

  • @a4r0n

    GIRL YOU DONT KNOW HOW PROFFESIONAL AND HARD WORKING RENI IS- She is ALWAYS willing to put in the hard work especially for a secret web series she’s working on. ;) ALSO she is MY manager and honestly if you need someone who can manage something that’s BEST FOR YOU in a project, she’s the one!

  • @titan1um-kitten

    Reni VA is a wonderful person to work with! High-spirited with a unique voice perfect our character Evie, who she plays! Gets lines in and is quick at any lines that need re-doing! She always does her best and is always trying to do better! Highly recommend!

  • @artsytheartist

    Reni is so helpful and creative! She was so determined while helping me by making an Orignal Song, she was so patient as well! Definitely recommend working with her

  • @lachi5054

    I have known Reni Va for the past few years, and I have never met a more passionate and dare I , stunning both inside and out person who cares about her subordinates and helps her friends to thrive and achieve their absolute best. There is no one as committed and who has the power and strive to accomplish greatness like her. She has worked to manage a musical and many other projects. 

  • @blooperino

    I've known Reni for a long time, she helped me get out of my comfort zone and begin voice acting and singing more. She's been super supportive of everything I did. She's an amazing voice actor, singer, director and friend. 

  • @darkling06

    It was a long time ago in a far far away galaxy. Well it was years ago when I first met Reni and worked together with her on small projects until we knew each other more and became better friends. She's taken theater, has an amazing singing voice, and has a professional stance when it comes to voice acting. Very proud of what she has accomplished since I first met her