Amazing Artist, Voice actor, story-writer, and animator. Just ask me!

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About StarEspeon

I love eeveelutions and wings of fire and probably the BIGGEST StarEevee fan ever! I am amazing at animating, voice acting, and drawing. NOT MATH! Please, call me Ava!

Also, if you follow me, please audition for this project:


I don't charge unless it's a HUGE series or for a famous (actually famous, I'm talking 5 million or more subscribers) YouTuber.  

What StarEspeon is looking for

I love to voice act in original series, dubs, anything pokemon related, and World of Warcraft roleplay. 

I will absolutely not voice act any violent series, anime, and Fortnight/Roblox role-play. 

My projects will tend to be for entertainment and to be funny. 

  • @CosmicEevee

    StarEspeon has beautiful, strong, British voice! I love to work with her, as a voice actor, and best friend! We've been best friends since 2nd grade! She is a artist with a cute style, and gets excited really easily, so when I gave her the role of Miyu, she bounced with joy!! Her voice is strong, beautiful, and full of emotion!! If you need a voice actor ever, just ask her! 10/10 recommend her!

  • @GalaxyEspeon

    I met her on scratch and I wanted to see her

  • @GalaxyEspeon

    Star Espeon is British and basically her voice is beautiful like u need her in a project anyways I have known her since I saw the Eeveelution ask or dare series she's making 

  • @castingvideo_fun

    Starespeon is a really awesome person, she likes Eevee evolutions like me you should go subscribe to her on her YT channel and follow her on CCC she's the star of the show (Boom boom chang)