Michael Suggs

Michael Suggs

Just your average, friendly, neighborhood Slenderman.

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About Michael Suggs

Hello, I am Michael or SirSlender. I am an experienced actor and singer since the age of 10. I am fairly newer to taking my acting into more of a voice acting role instead of musical theater/stage acting but I have been basically doing it for just as long for fun. Some notable things I have done when I was younger were a filler for MTV Latin America and a commercial for Ocean Drive Magazine for television roles and Agwe the god of water in Once on This Island, Seymour in Little Shop of Horrors, and Linus in You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown for stage roles. I am also the lead singer/vocalist of the band Human Rights Are Fake. In my spare time, I like to program and develop for games.

Please contact me if you wish to work together so that I may be sure to have the availability to do so.

VoiceMoto Studio - 2022

Promo Workout

Instructed by Dustin Rubin, June Yoon
Ace Studios LA - 2022

Anime ADR Intensive

Instructed by Wendee Lee
Ace Studios LA - 2022

Anime Workshop

Instructed by Steve Staley
What Michael Suggs is looking for

I'm interested in any and all roles, but will have a greater consideration towards animations and games.

  • @joshuaspectorva

    Wonderful voice actor! Takes direction very well, and is a pleasure to work with! Has a range of voices for various types of characters. I would 100% recommend for any casting director! I look forward to working with him again. 

  • @dirty-daniel

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