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  • @skullface

    Nate is brand new to the world of voice acting, but dont let that fool you. He possesses the same amount of talent as someone whose been doing this for years. Hes able to convey different emotions in different takes and he has great vocal range. Hes great to have in any production.

  • @mnoliver25

    Completed his voice work quickly and took stage direction well. Very expressive actor who was a pleasure to listen to and excelled at the role I cast him for in my debut project on the CCC: Immersive Stories mod -- which is in its post-production phase. His work was so good I personally asked him to audition for another role in another game mod. He didn’t disappoint! Now I’ve got the new mod showcased as a live WIP and couldn’t be happier. Nate’s dedication to professionalism and honing his talent are top-notch. I definitely recommend him, and will happily work with him again!

  • @spacelizard

    Nate promptly delivered very high quality work for my game project. I am very pleased with the results, and look forward to future collaborations!

  • @beyondthedark

    This is the first time I've worked with Nate, but I have to say I'm super impressed! He's prompt and communicates well, and best of all he has loads of talent! Final audio was really high quality too. I'm hoping to work with Nate again very soon!

  • @LemonadeFlashbang

    Nate was a pleasure to work with- he was timely, had a strong delivery, and was open to experimentation and iteration until we could get the performance just right. A great talent and all around great guy, you can't go wrong working with Nate.

  • @JustJustProductions

    Nate was one of our characters on our animated web series 'The Heir of Time' and was extremely professional, talented and courteous the entire time though the recording process.

    Nate was incredibly professional throughout the casting and recording process. He delivered his lines and necessary recordings in extremely quick fashion and with such quality that no retakes were required.

    He was also had exceptional communication abilities. Throughout the casting process he was courteous, kind and very respectable to all members of the crew he interacted.

    Overall, Nate is a superb and professional actor. I cannot recommend him highly enough. To anyone thinking of hiring Nate, expect a phenomenal performance, delivered with exceptional professionalism and a general fantastic member to add to your cast.

    Toby Talbot - Producer for 'The Heir of Time' and General Manager of Just Just Productions.