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Music Melody Galaxy

Just a random person on the internet who likes music and galaxies and makes cringy content

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About Music Melody Galaxy

Hi, I'm Melody (Mel for short)! I'm 16 years old and is an gachatuber, gacha tiktoker, video editor, director, story and scriptwriter, singer and voice actor! I enjoy making Gacha content and would like to entertain and inspire people! I can't wait to meet and work with you!

I decided to join CCC because I felt inspired by people making voice-acted and animated content so I thought I could give it a try :)

Talents/Skills (number of years may not be accurate and I would not consider myself a professional for any of these!):
Story writing - 5 years

Singing - 5 years

Video editing -  4-5 years

Script writing - 2-3 years

Directing - 6-12 months

Beginner at:
Voice acting




Creator and Director of:

Into the Shadows

Featured In:

Fell Dragon - co-director and script writer

The Oracles - script writer

Zesubo Gakuen - video editor

Sweet Disasters - voice actor of Miriam Lane

The Night is Young - voice actor, script writer and video editor

The Element Chroicles - script writer

Looking for a project to participate in? Visit my latest open project:

Projects that I join should be:

- non-NSFW/18+

- non-paid

- a project that will credit me once the project has been made

I am allowed to:

- decline your request

- take a break or quit when necessary


- I usually accept projects that are related to gacha and are high quality

- Like it says in the "Talents/Skills" section, I am not a professional at any of my skills

- I should not be in a toxic or pressured team environment

Main software:




Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Audition


Time zone: GMT-4

Available hours:

Mon-Thru...3PM - 6PM/6PM - 9:30PM

Fri...6PM - 9:30PM

Sat-Sun...9AM - 9:30PM

Social Media:


Contact Me:

Discord ID: musicmelodygalaxy#5683

Email: [redacted]

Roblox: Musicstream6


I only audition and work for non-paid projects

What Music Melody Galaxy is looking for

All of my projects are Gacha related, but for all of my projects, I will highly need voice actors and artists.
The roles I am looking for depend on what the project is and what it is about, whenever it is a series, mini movie, skit, backstory, music video or muti-editor project (MEP) that is based on fantasy, action, comedy or horror.

  • @Mira-Hearts

    I've known Melody for a while, and she's just great. I consider her to be one of my friends and we've worked on several projects together. Currently, we're working on my project, Fell Dragon, and her project, Into The Shadows. She's a great director, co-director, writer, and friend. Often when I need story advice or to just talk, she responds and is willing to talk about whatever is on my mind at the moment. You won't regret casting her. Seriously, what are you waiting for? Cast her already!

  • @StitchLove07

    Melody is an amazing person with a great personality. She is a hard worker and has been a great helping hand since I hired her for my projects. She gets the work done effectively and efficiently. I definitely recommend her for any future projects that she decides to go for as she has a bright future ahead of her.