Kiara Dougherty

Kiara Dougherty

I'm a very passionate voice actress looking for fun projects I can lend my voice to! I've been doing voice-over for two years! I can promise versatility, professionalism, and a genuine interest in any project I am cast for! I take pride in my work, I'm looking forward to working with you!

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About Kiara Dougherty

Hi! I'm a trained professional voice actor and have lots of experience in many genres of voice-over, including animation, video games, commercials, and general narration. I love voice acting and want to bring that passion to your project, whether it's a fan project or a professional project. I'm here to bring the best I can and I work hard for it!
Please don't hesitate to get in contact with me!

I primarily lend my voice to the Skyrim modding community, but I audition for just about anything!

Where my voice can be heard:
[Skyrim] Astara Cosma - Imperial Librarian Follower | Astara's Demo Video
[Skyrim] Ishki in Old Blood
[Skyrim] Greatsword in Idrinth's Speaking Weapons
[Skyrim] Falmer Servant in Falmer Servant Lines Expansion | Servant Showcase Video
[Skyrim] Dremora in Dremora Lines Expansion | Dremora Showcase Video
[Skyrim] Talkative Wispmothers - Wispmother
[Skyrim] Molly Chatillon in More to do in Hestra's Nest
[Skyrim] Angelie Rajida & Sylonia of the Deep in The Chain of Time
[Skyrim] Ancora in Cyrodilic Collections in Hammerfell
[Skyrim] Guard in Flint the Minotaur Follower
[Skyrim] Lusilla Mico in The Dragonborn's Aquarium
[Fallout 4] Skiz in CSEP Presets Loaded Bases
[Skyrim Audiobook] Young Thief in Purloined Shadows
[Fallout: New Vegas] Danny Boy Apples Narrator in New Love Radio 2.0
[Podcast] Katrina in Episode 2 of Thirteen: A Fallout Podcast
[Animation] Laurie in Canisgate
[Comic Dub] Mary Christiansen in Dream Daddy Issue #2
[Comic Dub] Lucifer in Helltaker Comic Dub: Talking Buisness


Upcoming voice roles:
[Skyrim] Moonborn: Aela Expanded - Aela
[Skyrim] Death Consumes All - Aldmer Ghost

[Skyrim] More to do in Harthstone Isles - Apphia Falto
[Skyrim] Melana the War Maiden - Skyrim Follower - Sparring Teaser Video | Evolution Teaser Video | Evolution Teaser Video II
[Skyrim] TBA Soon
[Skyrim] Percival Follower - Rana
[Skyrim] HSC - Tabina Devue
[Skyrim] Chu Dynasty - Lover girl, Lily Chu, & Waitress
[Comic Dub] Dream Daddy Comic Dub #3 - Mary Christiansen
[Animation] The Lost Champions of Astonia - Sivir
[Animation] Varadiddle - Emmy

Once cast for a project, I work very hard to make it the best I can possibly make it and without long wait times, I'll be in it for the long haul as well so no worries about me going anywhere! I also have some writing experience with Skyrim modding!
Let's work together and you won't regret it! 

For updates on any of my projects, please consider following me on Twitter!

What Kiara Dougherty is looking for

I'm looking to primarily give my talent to Skyrim or Fallout mods! However, I am more than willing to voice just about anything you throw my way! I'll show your project the same amount of passion, time, and care as I would for anything. I take pride in my work and I enjoy breathing life into your characters, I always offer re-takes and samples as well to really make sure that the voice you have in mind is matched with my performance. You can listen for yourself on my demo, or check out some of the projects I've been in!

My goal is to one day be able to voice act in a Bethesda or Blizzard game, while that may be a far-off dream for now it's still a goal that hasn't wavered! I am ready to give your project the same amount of professionalism and work that I'd provide to any high-end company.

I joined CCC as it's a great tool for finding voice-acting projects, and it's been my primary source of castings and auditions!

  • @betalille

    I worked with Kiara on a mod project for Skyrim. She delivered the lines really fast, but also with a her own flair to the character, which made it even more interesting.

    She is passionnate about voice-acting, and it shows. I would work again with her without any doubt if the opportunity comes.

  • @meekvoice

    I worked with Kiara on a recent project, with very quick turn around and open to feedback. 

    She was given a brief primer on what I was looking for. And made it their own with a superb performance and energy to the role. 

    I would easily recommend including them into your projects. As I'll be more than happy to work with her again in future! 

  • @sainnnn

    Kiara's voice work is truly amazing! Even for the short few lines I needed for my game, she put in a ton of emotion and fits a range of characters greatly! Plus, she was willing to help someone as small and unknown as me- small projects- and help them shine. Super awesome, and I'd totally recommend working with her!

  • @mandymarieb

    Absolutely lovely voice! Very prompt in responses and getting lines in. Was an absolute pleasure to work with her! :)

  • @paleo-beast-entertainment

    Kiara is a very professional, hard working, collaborative, and passionate voice actress that I am so happy to have worked with. She is dedicated and committed to her roles and does her best to give her best performance, and she's also a very good listener and shows a lot of respect to the director hen instructing her on hat they are looking for. I enjoy working with her and I hope for the possibility to work with her again on future projects!

  • @crispylickhuskie

    This voice actor is INCREDIBLE! Such fast response time! I'm saddened that i cannot pay her. So it is very generous of her to be voicing my main character of my series! Please! Consider her for work! I think she rivals industry voice actors too!

  • @craftian

    Kiara did an excellent job at bringing Ishki to life for Old Blood and captured her personality and range of emotion well. Recommended. 

  • @pignessman7

    Excellent VA who did a great job, cant wait to work with them again.

  • @Crabcakes125

    An efficient, professional, high quality voice over performer with a passion for performance who will bring a spark of exuberance to any project you have her on!

  • @gelzazz

    Really good voice actor, a lot of effort and emotion put into lines and really professional.

  • @dwall

    Kiara has been an amazing job with everything that I've given her. She's been professional, courteous, and has always been open about sharing her thoughts. I would definitely recommend her for your project if you want clear, concise voice work and someone who will get you lines in a professional, timely manner.

  • @jayserpa

    I just completed a project with Kiara, and she was absolutely superb. She was capable of breathing life into the character with her voice and needed very little guidance, as her takes were perfect from the get-go. It's clear she took it very seriously and it shows: Everything she produced was super high quality and you can tell that a lot of passion was put into every single line. She also contributed with her own suggestions (and they were included into the project!) and she showed a lot of initiative and care for my project. Kiara was a true asset to the project and I hope to work with her again in the future. Thank you for your time and effort, Kiara!

  • @OscarProjectVoice

    Kiara is a wonderful voice over artist, and I was incredibly lucky to have her involved in my project. She was punctual, had excellent communication, and provided an exceptionally high level of work. The passion for their work is clear and I would recommend them as highly as I can!