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About Jack

I have experience in stage acting, musicals, and stage combat.


I am very reasonable, and you can try to make a good case for whatever price you think is fitting.

  • @mavvo

    One of the most silkiest voice actors I've heard! Jack provided great vocals in a timely manner and followed both our visions for our characters. Absolutely friendly and chill voice actor. 

  • @ookagsoo

    When it comes to range he has it! Incredibly talented. Was able to do 3 separate voices that sounded like totally different people. Highly recommend him for any projects! When it came to recording, He was timely and produced great quality voice acting.

  • @elunoir-unloveable

    Jack was a delightful addition to the team, and I would recommend him in any project. His ability to carry emotions without compromising articulative quality is worth any director's attention.