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Caitlyn S.

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About Caitlyn S.

Hi! I’m Caitlyn an 18 year old female who want to minor in theather. I am also a beginner in voice acting and I’am currently directing a the writer of my fan play called Underdog and Superpup. 

My Va List of Completed projects:

Pokemon: Kanga Blaze Janice and Vulture Nurse Nidoqueen Nidoqueen Beth - Liz

Ducky Momo: Zack

Lego Ninjago: -Lloyd and Alex 

Sonic: Sally Tails Tails Tails Tails

Mario: Koopas and Random Penguin 

  • @cicicat201

    She’s done cool things for me. So she’s cool to work with

  • @Asriel_DTPG

    Caitlyn is friendly and really engages with a comic dub project that I did. It turned out to be a success and even though she had a few lines in total, she did an amazing voice impression! Would recommend!

  • @sircrimsonfox

    A genuinely nice person. Really giving and receiving of feedback. Really supporticve. No drama either.