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  • @zaluared954

    Zontack, is an amazing person, a great VA and it was a pleasure working with him

  • @tanstin

    Worked with Zontack in an Ace Attorney dub breakdowns project! He played Pees'lubn Andistan'dhin. His lines were very solid, and prompt. Together, we had completed our lines fully and promptly. Would work with again.

  • @bilabbiboy-films2

    Would definitely recommend him for strong voices! Worked on a project with him and he did amazing! 

  • @cranberrymelody

    Zontack deserves more credit than he gives himself, he provided an exceptional performance that honestly had me smiling the whole way through. Not to mention he is also just a funny and great person to talk to and manage. I would highly recommend him for future VA opportunities.