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About YamatoGuru

Hello there!  I am YamatoGuru, a voice actor for well over a decade who enjoys taking on exciting roles and working with talented content creators across the internet.

In addition to voice acting, I am also a director and editor.  My largest project at the moment is a motion comic adaptation of IDW's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series.  You can learn more about it at StarForce Media's YouTube channel.

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    YamatoGuru is an absolute treasure. He and I work together on so many projects, including his dub of IDW’s TMNT comics where he plays Krang and Harold Lilja, my dub of the webcomic Slightly Damned where he pays various voices and will be voicing Tsavo, and we are also part of four other projects together. His ability to do character voices is incredible, easily bringing something new to each character. His voice is so unique, and it’s something people can easily pick out as a great quality voice.
    Not only have we worked on many projects together, we are also what we call “voice acting brothers.” Sure, we have been in a lot of things, but we always confide in each other for literally anything. He gives me extremely helpful advice about editing, and is always there as my rock when I am feeling down. He knows how to give extremely great feedback that is detailed, and isn’t afraid to be honest. I will work with my VA brother in literally any project. His warm personality shines in a group setting as well, and is always there for others. We keep pushing each other to be better, challenging each other vocally and striving towards a career in this.
    In short: YamatoGuru is a pleasure to work with, an incredible talent, and a true friend.