The Voice Actor you truly need!

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About xmas_carroll

Discord: xmas_carroll

I am an Aspiring voice actor. Working on things for fun to build a good reel one day. I can do a range of voices ranging from mostly mid-low voices. I can also do a bunch of impressions!

I would love to voice the characters you need!

  • @deleted471836

    Congrats on the role of nine brother

  • @silas--silence

    He delivered a great performance without taking much time until he submitted them.

  • @techno-banana-04

    This man has a lot of potential that I want to see put to good use. He's witty and fun, getting along with other voice actors and people in production both inside and outside work. His voice is smooth as butter, and unexpectedly made his role my most pined after character to date. Oh yeah, he's gooood. He's so good at lines even, that you can give him one that makes absolutely no sense and he'll still knock it out of the park (something I did on accident.) He also gives the roles he's casted for more depth than other VAs might be able to. Please consider him for your productions, he deserves it.

  • @xaviersims

    Xmas is very talented, fun to work with, and I recommend checking him out.