British Voice Actor, Writer, Blender Animator and Music Producer!

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About Mike

Hello! My name's Mike! In short, I'm a one-man animation band. In long, I'm an animator, writer, music producer and voice actor of 6 years from London, and this is Woodlake. Here, expect nothing but quality voice acting, 3D modelling and music production.
I've got an impactful, youthful, British voice ready to decorate your next project; be that animation, narrative productions, announcements, and much more. The purpose for my voice knows no limits, and if you're ever unsure whether I'm a good fit, I am just a message away!

When I'm not voice acting, I'm most likely animating or writing scripts for my animation outlet, Toonshed - Find all of the links to Toonshed's websites here: linktr.ee/toonshed.

As part of the Toonshed animation projects I've written and provided my voice on, I have frequently produced the music to accompany it also (under the alias MTM). With 8 years' experience in Mixcraft and 4 years' experience in FL Studio, I am capable of producing music of varying genres, from electronic to jazz and even orchestral soundtracks.

Current Off-Site Projects:

  • Kev (& the Defects) - Pilot Episode


  • @rick_dove

    Working with Mike has been a pleasure from the get go. He is a passionate and driven creator with a clear vision, great communication skills and provided a top tier script with excellent direction.

    Mike continues to update the project Discord channel with insights into the project creation process which as a VA, is really refreshing. Too many times creators lose touch with their cast but Mike makes it feel like an on going team collaboration through and through and continues to build excitement for the release of the production.

    If you are chosen for his projects or work with Mike in any capacity, consider yourself very lucky to work with someone of this caliber

  • @voiceactorhazen

    Working with Mike, Woodlake, and Toonshed was a great experience.

    Mike's talents are very impressive. His skills in story writing and animation are not only exceptional but also distinct which sets him apart in his field.

    In my view, what truly makes Mike stand out is his directorial style. He possesses a remarkable ability to guide voice actors with a blend of respect and clarity. His detailed understanding of both story and characters allows him to offer guidance that is precise yet respectful, providing voice actors the space to explore their craft while aligning with his vision.

    Moreover, Mike's professionalism is commendable. His prompt and thoughtful responses to any inquiries or concerns highlight his dedication and respect for those involved in a project. This level of professionalism not only makes the working environment pleasant but also efficient and productive.

    Mike’s blend of talent, respect for the craft of voice acting, and professional integrity make him an incredible creator to work with.

  • 2019 Voice Actor/Actress (Anuzri-Patah Widephated)