J Hazen

Part-time Voice Actor, Narrator | Writer | Audio (Radio) Drama Producer | Los Angeles native - Ozarks resident | Army/Navy Vet

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About J Hazen

From the bustle of L.A. to Ozark tranquility, my life has been a wild ride. Military service, healthcare experience, and battling cancer instilled a deep appreciation for life. For over two decades, I've thrived in the performing arts, from stage acting to voice acting. Now, I relish the challenge of bringing characters to life with my voice, all while finding peace in the Ozarks with family and pets.

A recent role I'm proud of: Drill Sergeant Dower in Queen of Battle https://queenofbattlepodcast.com/.

See other samples of my work and more details about me at JHazen.com

  • @woodlake

    I was the casting director for J Hazen on an upcoming animated project, and the level of professionalism he's shown throughout the process has been second-to-none.

    It is a genuine surprise and delight to find people who are just starting out or have not had any major roles in films or TV shows, but still voice act in such a way that suspends your disbelief, that it gives you every confidence that they were made for big roles.

    J Hazen embodies this. The character he played in this project may not have been the main character, nor had much screen time. However the delivery of these lines, as well as going above and beyond with the Britsh accent required from him (which I approve of as a Londoner), makes me confident his voice will leave a lasting impression on those who watch upon release.

    Personally, if I'm able to expand on this project more, I will no doubt ask J Hazen to reprise his role here. In saying that, I highly recommend J Hazen for your next project without hesitation, and I wish him all the best in future roles.