How's it going? I'm Wolf and I have a channel all about dubbing Eeveelution comics or even any normal comic if you want to ask me something ask me on discord 

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About Wolfbros

Channel for dubs: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMqgS-h5pRwMP-RS0rEveXw

Anyways you need anything just DM me on Discord or here

Discord: wolves_dubs


I charge nothing!

  • @CosmicEevee

    Wolf is super friendly, funny, kind, and very polite! He voices his character Red in my series the Mystic Eevee Quest and WOW!!! He was amazing!!! His auditions made both my sister and I laugh and I just had to include him!! He has an amazing YouTube channel I work for as well, and he's an amazing manager! 100% recommend him for anything!!! (Especially voice acting :3)

  • @MaebelleCasting

    Wolf is a funny person and voices some of CosmicEevee and my characters! He seems to enjoy Pepsi just a little bit. Not much, but a bit:)

  • @echo-multitask-umbreon

    Wolf is really kind guy very talented into voice acting and really good video editor he also a very talented director he directing his project a very good comics dubbers