Justine Man

Justine Man

ADR Engineer | Voice Actor that brings life to cheerful and energetic characters | Singer that shines in alto and mezzo-soprano parts

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About Justine Man

Hey there, I'm Justine and I am entering the world of voiceover and am predominantly interested in video game audio, post-production, and voiceover audio.

Conservatory of Recording Arts + Sciences - 2023

Instructed by


Adventures in Voice Acting - 2023

ADR From Home

Instructed by Tony Oliver

Shadowed as an audio intern, learned both engineering and voice acting techniques.

What Justine Man is looking for

I'm looking for experience and a chance to connect with my community!

  • @MatthewQ

    Highly talented and great to communicate with, Justin does a great job in the role she's given and I would be happy to work with her next time.