Hello, It me.

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About wickedalfieboy

Hello! My name is Alfie and i'm an aspiring VA. I was introduced to CCC by my good friend Octavious! I usually go for deep voice or manic high pitches with my voice (Monokuma esc.) I also have a Youtube channel where you can see my video editing. I am constantly trying to improve my editing and voice acting! :)

  • @octavious

    A great aspiring voice actor, and a skilled programmer as well!

  • @fwoofi

    He's always trying new voices, and has great passion for his work! Even though his setup is mostly beginner, he's still able to bring out the best in his voice!

  • @xselenax

    They are really cool bean!! Plus his voice is stunning!!

  • @aakfarin_kun

    Very epic B)

  • @cranberrymelody

    Wickedalfieboy is the funniest guy I've met. Not only that but he's also a great voice actor, conveying the lines needed in such a way that never fails to make me smile while listening to them. Highly recommended VA.