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About LitaS

Lita & Max & Fiction For Adults

Husband and wife Lita & Max founded the Fiction For Adults brand in 2016 to showcase their unique and dynamic brand of storytelling that has a trademark 'adult and mature' resonance that is influenced by popular dramatic shows like Sons Of Anarchy, Friday Night Lights, True Blood, Game Of Thrones and similar realistic high-drama works of fiction. 

Featuring realistic and oftentimes flawed characters who gray the line between good-and-bad. Together Lita & Max create dynamic and original dramas that aim to be as entertaining as any primetime television production.

Anything that carries the Fiction For Adults brand is expected to be of high quality production. We encourage all actors whether brand-news or veterans to audition for any and as many roles as that call to them! Come and become a member of this stellar production network!

Check out our Official Fiction For Adults Discord at:

  • @victor-thomas

    They are communicative and very active friendly giving you lots of leeway to develop your character. They are an actor‘s director, they are an actors’ writers and that’s really awesome.

    Great team to work for. I wish all my projects were like this.

  • @davidcookblacklion

    What can I say there are no words to respect, appreciation, and downright admiration...a Voice Over artist dream come true...great writing, great stories, great productions it is always an honor to work with these gifted folk...they make you feel like you belong to a community they are the real deal!

  • @lazaruslong777

    Fantastic project! Lita and Max are wonderful to work with and know what they are looking for from their actors. Want some great experience in doing an adult podcast? Here’s your chance to work with some really great people! Highly recommended!