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Ty M. Levy

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About Ty M. Levy

My name is Ty M. Levy. I am an actor, voice actor, singer, writer and filmmaker. I have always been into the entertainment business and took some acting lessons to improve my voice acting. You can check out my YouTube channel by clicking on the play button icon. On that channel, you will find original voices, voice impressions, my movies, Shakespeare monologues and my stage performances.

You can also check out another channel that I run with other called The Ruined Show. I is basically a channel with ridiculous parodies of kids shows, videogames and other forms of pop culture. 


  • @ross-k

    Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (Scene Role-play) Ty cast me in his scene recreation video special of Sweeney Todd, playing the role of Tobias Ragg. A clearly passionate and very talented actor, I was hugely impressed by his performance and what he put together. Brlliant singer too. Highly recommended.

  • @fazejdog

    Amazing is nowhere near enough to describe how talented Ty is as a voice actor. he's voiced many characters for me including Vulture in my Spider-Man Minecraft series and majority of the shows extras as well as Titanium Man in an upcoming Iron Man project! He was honestly MVP when it came to voicing extras, I wouldn't even have to ask him he would just do it and get his lines to me within a few hours with very high quality and to top it all off he's always willing to audition for anything he feels he'd be best for! Ty is also easily approachable, hardworking, and a fun guy to talk with! I'm so lucky I got to chance to work with him and I hope to do so again in the future! If you get a chance to work with Ty trust me when I say that he will NOT disappoint!