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About Trivvy

I am a very fast and efficient worker when it comes to voice acting, but also willing to perform as many takes as required to get to sounding to your specification.

Most of my work has been around video game modding communities, most notably for Half-Life 2 and SOMA, but am looking to branch out to whomever finds use for me.

I pride myself on having a rather flexible range, from wacky to serious, and everything in-between with various accents. Some I have not listed because I don't think they're perfect, but I'm willing to give everything and anything a try.

I have the capability to apply various filters/vocoders to my voice for uses in sci-fi, or to simply change where it sounds like it's coming from (different environments etc.)

Why am I doing this? It's fun. I like playing different characters and seeing them come to life through people's projects, adding as much quality as I can to a production via my efforts.

I am also a video editor and compositor, with multiple years of experience, currently looking to advance my skills in VFX/compositing.

My YouTube channel can be found here.

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