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About Thelt

I'm an instinctive performer.

You know those three clowns that are always goofing off and chatting in the back of every classroom? Yeah, they're all me: the tornado of theatrical chaos.

 I have reached my final form.

 I am no longer the class clown.

 I have ascended.


 I have become the circus.

*animal noises intensify*

(I swear I take voice acting seriously and am very professional.)

  • @aj_talley

    Thelt is a passionate, friendly, and genuine director who I would love to do voice acting work for in the future. I played the role of Dean Collins in his W.I.T.C.H project and he went out of his way to set up separate live recording sessions with me to compensate for my chaotic personal life. In addition, his voice coaching will undoubtedly shape the way I record lines in the future. Working with him has been of unmatched benefit (not too mention he's a damn good voice actor himself!). I would highly encourage fellow voice actors to audition for his projects!