Ashen Morire

Ashen Morire

Female Voice Actor and Youtuber Currently Available!

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About Ashen Morire

I do Voice Acting in my spare Time, I work a Fulltime job that is very demanding, I am wanting to expand my portfolio and eventually become a full time Voice actor and creator You can follow me on my journey on Youtube if interested!

I upload Weekley and Voice act in my spare time!

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Depends on the job and am able to negotiate pricing.

What Ashen Morire is looking for

Voice acting gigs, Comic Voice Overs, Narration, Audiobooks

  • @teddygamingreview

    I started working with Ashen recently on a project and I was not disappointed with the end result. They very quickly sent me their lines weeks before they were due and perfectly captured the spirt of the character while delivering the perfect amount of emotion for each scene. I would highly recommend working with Ashen.