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About TechCrazy80

I am an aspiring voice actor looking for parts with deep voices. I am glad to work for free on projects that I find interesting. I especially enjoy playing villainous characters with deep voices. The one restriction that I have is that I do not swear. I would be happy to work around this by replacing words with less crude ones.

Demos & Samples

Fallout 4 Intro

This is the intro for the game Fallout 4 put to the background music.

  • @dr_bonehead

    Tech is a talented VO talent, and an awesome guy! He's got that awesome low, smooth voice that just gets you, ya know? ;) In all seriousness, I highly recommend Tech for any project.

  • @yossarian22

    Tech is a great guy and very helpful. His voice suits well for many different kind of projects. It was very enjoyable to work with him.