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Evan Muhleru Kascinde
Filmmaker and Storyteller. Author of Necrosis and Director/Creator of Final Society.
I am a Writer, Director, and Live Actor
I work in an Indie studio called Yoldasi Films. Our audience is moderate, not huge, but by no means small. I just want to entertain.
Speaks: english
   When I write and never stop thinking about why I write, I constantly learn something new about the world or about myself. I can't resist the everlasting process, and it would be magical to share the feeling with others.
I am a Writer
   NayiColors is a young self-publishing fiction author who is seeking to find herself in worlds unwritten, unknown, and unseen. She defends fiction-writing without hesitation, believing that it can not only entertain but teach others in unique and purposeful ways. Her interest in her passions never ends, as does her interest in random things she tries when the urge hits. In between writing or brainstorming in her head about plot lines and story meaning, she can be found studying culture or languages, gaming, tangling herself in yarn, second-guessing art endeavors, gaining inspiration from nothing and everything, all while carrying an awkward and esoteric energy. 
Search all 4087 writer language pronounciation profiles