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Trust me, the username is really old.
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, Video Editor, and Writer
Voice Acting is just a silly hobby for me! But you know, I do other silly things as well 💜✨I'm more active in Discord and Instagram ☆
Setup: garageband
Voice Description: child female teen male teen
Greetings and Salutations, Casting Call Nations, I am David P.F.!
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, Animator, Video Editor, Music Composer, Audio Engineer, Writer, and Live Actor
⦾ David P.F.⦾ 38⦾ He/Him/His⦾ Latino/Hispanic⦾ American⦾ Straight
I am an artist, animator, music composer, EDM artist, audio engineer, voice actor, singer, and a struggling content creator. I am currently looking for a big break in music composing. I can produce any genre you can think of, and if I am unfamiliar with one genre, I will google it, listen to it, absorb it, learn it, and SPIN IT.
I was commissioned to craft an AMV of Konosuba with a parody of T.I.'s Go Get It with a collab of other VAs and for mixing, mastering, and composing, and it's called "Go Get Kazuma." It currently has over 3.5 million views. (Intended for audiences over 13)
 I am a part of a YouTube Chorus group called Celestial Chorus, and I, in some projects, am responsible for mixing in 11+ VAs in several tracks. Our last upload was the 10th anniversary of our first project together during the Ch...
🤍Hey there I'm Rio! Your not so local British 17 year old, who happens to be a VA & Musician.
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, Video Editor, and Director
>><<>>Check out my channel!<<                                                                              🌸
//About me!Hey there! My name is Rio and I am an aspiring voice actress. I have been voice acting for five years and I am thoroughly enjoying it. Voice acting used to just be a little hobby I had about seven years ago but I decided to take things more seriously, creating my own projects and getting involved with fan made games and public projects!

//Fandoms I am/am not willing to voice inI will voice: Fan made/original audio series, fan made/original animations, fan made/original gamesI will NOT voice in:  Gacha, Roblox or any form of NSFW/suggesting content

//What makes me different?My voice displays a wide range from being able to voice young boys and girls to teenage girls. I've had an e...
Jake Truitt
Hey, there! I’m Jake truitt. I’m a young aspiring actor/voice actor with a dream to entertain. 
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, Video Editor, Writer, Director, and Live Actor
I’m 23 years old. I aspire to become a writer, director, actor, and voice actor. I love to sing, dance, write, and spend time with family and friends. I love to also do voice impressions of several different characters. I have been told I’m a Jack of all trades, or…a “Jake” of all trades if you will. Acting/voice acting, singing, and writing are my passions and I hope to be able to share my gifts with the world one day.
You've heard of malewife, but baby, I'm a girlhusband. Japanese-Pinoy VA with a habit of sounding a little bit like your mommy.
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, and Live Actor
Hey! I'm Raeya (She/They) and I've been a freelance voice actor for about 2.5 years. I'm incredibly passionate about supporting animation/game design/visual novel/fan projects which is why I love voicing for them. Outside of VA work, I am a graphic concept designer and sadly stuck in an office working in marketing.
Feel free to message me if you are interested in using my voice in your project (even if it's unpaid)! I'll give everything a look over and see if it aligns with my interests. 
And feel free to contact me on Discord if you like what you heard: raeja#0528 (please disclose who you are as soon as you are added, it's hard for me to keep track of direct messages a lot of the time!)
I've got the voice you need for any project! Natural storyteller and born to perform! My voice will fit any role in any style you're looking for.
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Audio Engineer, and Live Actor
Japanese/African-American voice actor!
I'm not just good at bringing a voice to your words, I love doing it! I'm a professionally trained voice artist with over 25 years of experience, and I continually educate and challenge myself to improve my skills. I was educated in public speaking, reading to audiences, performing in small-stage productions, and singing through an international private organization. In that time, I've learned, drilled, implemented, coached, and taught the same skills needed to nail any reading.
I have a versatile voice to express a wide range of emotions or actions.I can be the down-to-earth, casual, and natural type.I can do a booming, energetic, and passionate voice.I can play the quiet, thoughtful, and deep kind of person.I have a professional, warm, and informative voice.But I'm best at being funny, sarcastic, and charismatic.
If there's a sound yo...
Speaks: english
I'm pretty cool
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Animator, Video Editor, Writer, Director, and Live Actor
I'm 15 now. I've improved a LOT from my couple last auditions and I specialize in Voice Impressions ( I'm still good at other stuff ) I'm eager to work on any project.
Speaks: english
Setup: audacity
Join me on my journey to shake the fabric of reality with my voice.
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, and Live Actor
I'm a passionate voice actor based in northeastern Florida, dedicated to delivering top-notch voiceover services.   With 8 years of honorable service in the Air Force, I've now channeled my talents into the art of voice acting.  I take pride in delivering prompt and exceptional VO, tailored to your specific needs.   Let's work together and bring your vision to life with captivating characters and commercials that resonate with your audience.
Hi! I'm a person who can voice act, draw, and sing for your projects!
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, Animator, Video Editor, Producer, and Live Actor
Hi! I'm a person who can do different voices (high pitched, medium pitched, etc.) along with doing digital art and singing! If you need me for projects, I'll most likely be more than welcome to help out!
Speaks: english
Keep On Dancin’
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, and Live Actor
Why hello there, I am The Man of Rhythm Land. I'm also known as CrazyDanceMan2004 in the Just Dance Community, I usually work on Youtube making Fanmade Mashups of the Just Dance franchise. But deep down in all the pieces of media I’ve seen, I want to be an actor and voice actor when I’m older. So, to start, I took a year of acting class. But it wasn’t film acting, it was theatre acting. By the way, I’m Autistic, so I’m a little shy when it comes to stuff like this. I really hope I can have a really good time here.
Discord: cdm2004
Voice Description: male adult
Hi there! I am a 20-something-year-old Australian beginner voice actress, filmmaker, and coffee addict!
I am a Voice Actor and Singer
Website:! I'm Shay!I do many voice impressions from Star Wars, DC comics, Marvel and so on!I also love creating voices to go with original characters, my voice is suited best to normal-deep female voices but I am working hard and becoming more flexible in my voice range with online training. I love getting feedback as it shows me how to improve! Come say hi anytime! :)Add me on discord: @Shayfair
Speaks: english
Secretly an old-timey British man
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, and Artist
Hello hello, the name's Henry! I go by he/she pronouns. I'm a voice actor and singer who mainly specializes in doing voice impressions. I'm 16 years old and i've officially been voice acting for around 4 years. I usually am seen working on fandubs and fan projects but I'll never turn down doing voices for original projects as well.I'm most known for my impressions of Wattson, Horizon [Apex Legends], Tracer, DVA, Widowmaker [Overwatch], Charlie, Niffty, Vaggie, Velvette, Mimzy [Hazbin Hotel], Millie, Loona, Octavia, Verosika, Beelzebub [Helluva Boss], V, J [Murder Drones], Pomni, Gangle [TADC], Ivy Pepper [Lackadaisy], Miss Chalice [Cuphead], GF [FNF], Momo Yaoyorozu, Mina Ashido, and Toru Hagakure [MHA] <3I have a stupid amount of passion for my voice-work and I can't wait to be a part of your projects or in a project with you !
I am a Voice Actor and Singer
I'm a young guy looking to live his dream's as a voice actor. I've been on stage for years, and realized that I've been wanting to be on the voice acting side of things. I'm currently in college, looking to enhance my acting skills, and pursue my dream. I'm a big nerd, and love animation, which was why i've always been interested in voice acting. I wanna see character's come to life using my voice, and have fun while doing it.
Speaks: english
Hellooo Let's seee... I like Singing, Art, Voice Acting, I'm currently trying to expand my experience.I'm a High Schooler in my Mid teens. Chinese but raised in the UK. What's That? Performing Arts?? GIMMEEGIMMEEE!!
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, Music Composer, Writer, and Live Actor
I currently take all Three creative subjects as GCSE (drama, art, music) Particularly interested in Voiceover and singing (and piano~) Wether its voicing for a shy, soft-spoken introvert or an overly sassy Diva; Girl, hit me up cuz I Want In~
Hi!! Reach out to me for any voice acting needs!!!!
I am a Voice Actor and Singer
I am an aspiring voice actor who wants to work in the Anime industry! I can do a wide range of voices including fun characters. I am also talented in impressions and can do variety including Black Star from Soul Eater, Butters from South Park and many more! I am very good with communication and have an excellent recording set up. I will get your work completed and back to you very quickly! I have just recorded a demo reel and I am ready to start this voice acting journey!
Speaks: english