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Flatlight Productions
I am a Video Editor, Audio Engineer, Writer, Director, and Producer
"Games dubbed and re-dubbed right into your ears."THE TEAM
Creator "Surgt11, Flatlight"Quality Assurance "Apoc"Animator/Artist "Ruben" What started as a dream 6 years ago has become reality! Flatlight Productions provides audio/video dubs and fandubs for video games! We aim to have our content stand out above all others, and provide an experience that will always leave you wanting more. We want to deliver mods that are fun, action-packed, well made and extremely detailed.Our most successful works include: Stronghold Crusader: Remastered 20000 + DownloadsArmy men RTS Remastered 5000 + DownloadsStronghold 1: Remastered 5000 + Downloads … All made with exclusively featuring voice actors from CCC. Hopefully, you’ll consider auditioning for one of our projects!
I am a Producer
Clickteam game developer. I work for Radiance and I can work for free when able. For my previous works, I helped coding with Five Nights at Treasure Island 2020, coded Five Nights at Treasure Island Anniversary Edition, Oblitus Casa Demo and Nightmare Before Disney 3.
Voice Description: male teen male young adult
Search all 6705 producer paintnet profiles