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Heya! The name is Connor! Voice actor, Streamer, aspiring musician! Any Pronouns are good <3
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, and Live Actor
Hi! my name is Connor, or conny either one is fine! I am a 27 year old voice actor, looking to reach the goal of becoming a top tier one at that! I got inspired to voice act when I was young, through voice actors like Christopher Sabat, Kevin Conroy, and Mark Hamill.
Speaks: english
Founder of Sad Cyclops Studios, Creator of Listen Before Bed & Escape Pod 17
I am a Voice Actor, Video Editor, Writer, Director, Producer, and Live Actor
Joseph Portelli, founder of Sad Cyclops Studios, is on a mission to create the best scripted audio content that has ever seen the light of day, with upcoming projects such as "Escape Pod 17" and "Monkey Paw"
"Listen Before Bed" is now available here
Join the official Sad Cyclops Discord to get all the best updates and casting calls-
Speaks: english
I’m not incompetent, I just suck. One is a lack of understanding of things, the other is the same thing just phrased as an excuse
I am a Voice Actor, Writer, and Live Actor
I'm a content creator looking to expand my resume. Normally I do YouTube, focusing on digital skit based slapstick. Normally I try to include others into my videos as much as I can, But I regularly voice the creature "Ambrose Boa Bowie" his name also doubles as a pseudo pen name/online alias.

My proffered genera of media is usually vary exotic. Think, original book series of Wizard of OZ and Allis and wonderland. I like don't mind the content of a story as long as the story is told well. Not to say that I limit my self to this niche genera, don't mind the content of a story as long as the story is told well.

Since I'm new to the field of Voice acting and acting out side of YouTube, I'm not picky to what rolls are presented to me. I just hope I can deliver.

My You of Tube:
Search all 1245 live actor sailor profiles