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Audio Engineer, Sound Designer & Voice Actor
I am a Voice Actor, Audio Engineer, and Live Actor
Hello, my name is Jacen Wiley and I am a voice actor. I've taken Voice acting classes at the Voice Actor Studio & Bangzoom Studios with Brent Mukai, Melissa Moats, and Tony Oliver.

I Graduated from the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences (CRAS). I graduated on the Deans list with a 3.97 GPA, and earned certifications from Avid for my proficencies in Pro-Tools. I have been a working Audio Engineer since 2022.
Accents: southern
🌌 Voice Actor & Narrator ✨ Playfully Gritty VO for Games, Commercials & E-Learning | Pro Studio
I am a Voice Actor, Video Editor, and Live Actor
With over five years of experience as a voice actor and narrator, I’m an LGBTQIA+ Serbian-Australian female voice actor and narrator with professional quality recording studios in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia. My style is playfully gritty; a mix of rugged Aussie, whimsical imagination and a knack for accents.

Whether you need voiceovers for:
🎮 video games
🤖 animation
🎞 dubbing
📺 commercials
📈 brand videos & trailers
🎓 e-learning
📚 audiobooks
or any other project!
Quick turnaround. High quality. Easy as pie 🥧 (Yummy!)

I have voiced award-winning projects for (mega)corps, small businesses and indie creatives alike, including Google, WeightWatchers, CEDIA, Swinburne, SuperEvil MegaCorp, League of Geeks, Krillbite, Packhowl Productions, the Lunar Co., Lil Baker Films... the list goes on!

From approachable or articulate narration, to h...
Speaks: english
Hey! I'm Jerome, a 19 year old Filipino-American voice actor who's always looking to improve his craft!
I am a Voice Actor and Live Actor
Heya! I'm Jerome, a 19 year old voice actor looking to one day go pro. I have a Medium-Low to High pitch range, and practical theatre and acting experience. As a voice actor, you bring your own life experience to the table as a tool for your craft, and I am willing to dig deep into my own emotions in order to deliver the greatest performance I possibly can. On top of that, I love making connections and being part of a team! I make it a point to be easygoing and fun to work with, but I am more than capable of taking charge when there is a task at hand. With all this in mind, I can guarantee that I would make a great addition to your project!

My end goal as a voice actor is to reach out to the other side of the speakers, and one day be a beacon of hope and encouragement for someone, the same way that my favorite video game and cartoon characters were for me. Although I'm still at...
Speaks: english
Skills and Interests: reaper editing
Voice Actor
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, and Live Actor
Non-Union British Voice Actress |
Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my profile! My name is Sarah Kate Ford and I am a non-union voice actress with a broadcast-quality home studio located in Devon, England. I've been acting for 10+ years and have provided voice-over for adverts, apps, video games, animations, and much more. I am a lady of many talents; a local marketer, actress and radio presenter. I like to keep myself busy! I have a deep love for all things nerdy; video games, Dungeons & Dragons, superheroes and a massive fan of musicals. Every Tuesday, I host a musical theatre radio show on Palm Torbay and frequently am involved in local shows and plays - most notably recently as 'Frenchy' in Grease and 'Mamma Bear' in Shrek the Musical. You may have heard my voice on the odd Sky Advert, on the Dynamic Languages VR app guiding y...
Speaks: english
Skills and Interests: reaper reaper editing
I am a Voice Actor and Live Actor
I help brands/creators bond and communicate with people, providing that safe space for people to believe in your story as much as you do. Audiobooks, film dubbing, animation, video games, and advertisements are just a few ways I'm able to voice your dreams to the world. I specialize in bridging the emotional gap between brands and consumers/creators and viewers by breathing life into your characters using my voiceover skills. With the ability to speak fluently in both English and Spanish.  I'm sure "workaholic" is sure to come up but I prefer the term "passionate workaholic", just to be clear! I love what I do and being able to provide that perfect feel to every one of your projects makes all the difference. If you feel we make a great team please reach out to me and I will respond with clear and open communication always. This is your project and I want to guide you through everything.
Skills and Interests: logic pro reaper editing
Aspiring voice actor for Scotland looking to put my voice and talents out there. 
I am a Voice Actor and Live Actor
Hi there!
My name is Conor, I’m 25 years of age from Scotland and I’m an aspiring voice actor. I have a range of talents when it comes to my voice. It can be easily manipulated to best match whatever is given to me. I also have an acting range when it comes to tone (serious, emotional, comedic, etc.)
Speaks: english
Voice Description: male adult male young adult
I'm a male midwestern American voice over artist with hundreds of hours of experience
I am a Voice Actor, Audio Engineer, and Live Actor
Hey there!
My Name is Jeramy Burke-Miller, I'm an American midwestern voice-over artist with 4 years of audio editing experience, completing over 600 jobs across producing audiobooks, working on narration for small companies on YouTube and other platforms, commercials, dubbing, and character work for my clients!
I have over 5 years of video editing experience from being on Youtube and Twitch; which transmitted very well when a full time job took me away from old passions and I had to look for a new career path! From acting through my formative years, to years of streaming and making videos, it was a simple and fun process making the transition to voice over!
My young, vibrant, energetic tone (alongside a wide vocal range) lends my voice well to Teen/Young Adult casts as well as deep voice male characters!
My rate for Voice Over changes on a case by case basis! But please ...
Speaks: english
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