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The VTuber who acts, sings, and does art
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, Animator, Video Editor, Audio Engineer, Writer, Director, Producer, and Live Actor
Hello!  I go by Crystal now, don't mind the mess of a username please that was made via a clumsy accident.I'm a developing voice actor and singer who is learning Korean and knows Cantonese, English, and Japanese. Who is honestly trying to get as much experience as possible and also have fun while I'm at it.
I'm also an Artist who does art.

And also a VTuber who plays games both streaming-wise and let's play-wise.

Contact me at any time. here or my other social links on the side if you want any more ways to contact me like skype, discord, etc. please just ask.
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Audio Engineer, and Writer
Not really good at introductions, but.. I'm Lavender! I'm 27 years old and dabble in voice acting and singing from time to time. 
Freelance Video Editor ready to take on more work!
I am a Animator, Video Editor, and Audio Engineer
Freelance Video Editor with 4+ years working experience and 7+ years editing experience. Currently looking for more job opportunities!

Creators I've worked with:

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Funny, Friendly, Bright 20s-30s American | Source-Connect: Nichalia | Voiceover, Vocals, Narration, and VO-Adjacent Services
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, Video Editor, Music Composer, Audio Engineer, and Live Actor
International voiceover actress specializing in audiobooks, elearning, commercials, and dubbing. I've worked with studios around the world, from China to Germany to the US, and love meeting new people.Website: Nichalia.comIMDB: Nichalia at or Nichalia at
Languages English (native language) and can also record in Chinese (Mandarin) with an American accent.
Editing I edit both long-form and short-form narration, for elearning and for audiobooks.Casting When I have projects that require more actors than just myself, I am happy to reach out to other voice talent for casting. I always want diverse, authentic, inclusive casting.VO-Adjacent Services including SEO and website, internet listings and reputation management, Google business profile and P2P profiles, social media and content creation, and CRM and email market...
春花です。よろしく its chunhua, heya! | Audio Tech / Mixing and Mastering
I am a Voice Actor, Music Composer, Audio Engineer, and Writer
春花です。よろしく its chunhua, heya!春花 || haruka/chunhua | RYTHRO MiXAudio Tech / Mixing and Mastering
cindy/crescent| any pronouns
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, Video Editor, and Audio Engineer
My name is Cindy/Crescent. Any name works fine! 
Some of the things I am able to do are...Voice acting, singing, art, mixing(music), and video editingAlso able to play piano, guitar, oboe, and clarinet if you are in need of a musician ^-^
I started voice acting in 2021. I hope to refine my skills on this site! I have been singing since 2013, starting off in a choir. I stayed in that choir for about 6 years. Now, I sing in a couple of franchises and make covers in my free time!If you are in need of an artist, I can do art. I can do reference sheets, VTuber models, simple sprites/images for music videos, and much more.Time zone: PSTLanguages: English, Vietnamese, Cantonese, Japanese, MandarinVoice Types: Child(female/male), teen / Medium, Mid-high, HighVocal Range: Eb3-C7I will not do anything NSFW. 
You can contact me through my Discord, Twitter, Instagram, or email....
ADR Engineer | Voice Actor that brings life to cheerful and energetic characters | Singer that shines in alto and mezzo-soprano parts
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Music Composer, Audio Engineer, Producer, and Live Actor
Hey there, I'm Justine and I am entering the world of voiceover and am predominantly interested in video game audio, post-production, and voiceover audio.
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Video Editor, Audio Engineer, Writer, and Director
Hi! My name is Matthew.
I have a YouTube Channel where I create content!
I am fluent in English and Cantonese (Spoken), and I have a basic understanding of Russian.
Thank you for your time!
Voice Description: male adult
Skills and Interests: computer science
Film + Game Composer, speaker, audio director.
I am a Music Composer, Audio Engineer, Director, and Producer
Elmer is an audio director, composer/arranger, songwriter, sound designer etc. with 15 years of experience in game and film production.He is currently part of the game audio company soundtrec, UJAM instruments and TeenEdge.Elmer is also the founder of MediBeats Productions + co-founded TeamComfyVT.
Discography and Credit List
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Video Editor, and Audio Engineer
Hello hello! My name is Valerie
I've been voice acting for half a year now and I've been singing for 8 years! I'm not a professional or anything but I mainly do this for fun!
I'm mainly active in Discord fandubs so if you see me around come say hi! 
If you would like to contact me, feel free to send me a dm through discord or twitter!
Socials:Twitter: ValerianXieLanYoutube: XieLan_ValerieTik Tok: xielanvalerian13Discord: yeucriossaint.wav
Setup: reaper
Search all 285 audio engineer cantonese profiles