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OK guys, let us start from the beginning and then turn into something unbelievable...
I am a Voice Actor, Artist, Writer, and Live Actor
Hi there!
Actually I´m an actor playing mostly in Indie-Movies different kinds of roles . I´m playing a good mouth organ (blues, pop, folk), too. Could do some bluesy loops etc.I also handle the acoustic guitar well and mastered the jaw harp!
Library Music, royalty free and my VO for commercials! A good
whistler on board, as well.
I know it´s a great balancing act between cliches and creativity! 
"Good or ugly bad" will always be the question!
However, the crucial value will be questioned.
Decisions gonna be made - all the luck, therefore!If you´re always looking "who is the closest voice to my currentproduction"  you may forget that we are multiple voice actors, creative and  waiting to be challenged and able to deliver (with a 2. nd or 3.d run) the one perfect voice.
It's much more interesting getting into a creative stage
from both sides than dropping ...
Voice for Vittorio in Dead By Daylight  and Ciro ( French voice ) Dying Light 2
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, Music Composer, and Audio Engineer
Hi there
Luc de Villars Here

you can find some of my work on Netflix on shows like
World's Toughest Prisons
New York VS the Mafia
or EA Game's Need for Speed underground

or Blood Bowl 3

or Ubisoft's Riders Republic

I've worked also on independent video games like Flappatron ( a CCC project ) Pendle Hill, Desolate, World War 3  .

I do both French and English/European voice work and I can act in many accents.

Also a casting director for E-learning Projects. 
VA and artist intersted in working on video games, animation and more!👍Voice Reel Sample:
I am a Voice Actor, Artist, and Animator
Hi I'm Len! I'm at the beginning of my voice acting career and looking for more experience. I like voicing all sorts of characters, having voiced in short films and videogames- I'm also an animator attending the School of Visual Arts!
Speaks: english
amateur at best, homeless man at worst
I am a Voice Actor, Artist, Video Editor, Music Composer, and Writer
i'm Cyn (short for cynicalkites). Im here on CCC to build experience for voice acting and script writing. I'm mostly kept up with my own projects or school stuff but that wont stop me from learning. I can't guarantee super good results but I can guarantee, uh, something. Bare with me here. 

Projects: Against the Currents, (name of a series that has a cringy name but im working on it), more to come
no need to pay me, credit is my currency. 

- Decent Artist & Writer
- Aspiring Video Editor and Musician
- Trying out Voice Acting
Yippee Wahoo
I am a Artist
Hello! I'm Shayna or Shay for short :9 I am currently a second year animation student at ArtCenter College of Design! Not sure what my focus is yet, but I love 2D and 3D animation in their own ways! Watch Lisa Frankenstein, you won't regret it
Speaks: english
Search all 2128 artist neumann u87 profiles